Brookview Community League Sleigh Ride!

Brookview community league will be hosting a sleigh ride on Sunday, February 20 from 12-4 p.m. Our last sleigh ride two years ago was magical and enjoyed by all.

The sleigh is able to accommodate 25-30 people but we will limit the ride to 20 people due to Covid restrictions. Each ride will take approx. 25 minutes in length. The sleigh will run on the hour and half hour.

As we need to follow Covid protocol, spots on the sleigh will need to be booked in advance of February 20. Please email to secure a spot.

We will be sending out a waiver to go on the sleigh ride, please print a copy off before you come.

Family skating times will be from 12-4p.m at the Brookview outdoor rink, we hope to see you there.!

As a special treat, we will be having a mini-donut food truck available as well!