Permits required to discharge fireworks in Edmonton

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services reminds residents they need a permit to use fireworks in Edmonton.

This year Edmonton Fire is only issuing permits for the use of fireworks on private residential property. Permits for fireworks on public land such as parks or schoolyards are not being offered due to COVID-19 health restrictions.

Since July 1, there have been 14 calls to 911 reporting fireworks use. People are also mistakenly calling 911 to report sounds of alleged gunshots when in fact fireworks are being discharged. Edmonton police have recorded 47 of these calls since July 1.

“These calls tie up dispatch lines affecting both police and fire resources,” said Russell Croome, Deputy Fire Chief of Public Safety. “We ask people to apply for a permit and to notify dispatch officers of when and where the fireworks display will take place, at least 30 minutes prior to discharge.”

Anyone wanting to shoot fireworks on private land is reminded to follow these safety precautions:

-Ensure your property is big enough for the type of fireworks you want to use. Contact a vendor to find fireworks that are suitable for your property.

-Apply for an online permit to discharge fireworks on private residential land. Allow at least 5 working days for a permit to be processed.

-Call Fire Rescue Services Dispatch Centre at 780-414-7332 at least 30 minutes before discharging fireworks to let them know where and when your display will take place.

-Follow the fireworks safety tips to ensure a safe display.


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