Relaunching Playgrounds, Tennis Courts & Sports Fields

Starting May 22, the City of Edmonton has announced that all playgrounds, skateparks, tennis, pickleball, volleyball and basketball courts, disc golf, outdoor fitness parks and athletic tracks will begin re-opening for safe use. 

In all re-opened spaces, City of Edmonton states that users must follow public health guidelines including: 

  • Maintaining 2 metre physical distance

  • Gathering in groups of 50 people or fewer 

  • Only sharing common equipment with members of the same family or cohort 

  • Staying home if you feel sick 

  • Bringing your own hand sanitizer

  • Washing and sanitizing your hands before and after using these areas

Some new City of Edmonton guidelines will be in place: 

  • Users should use local playgrounds in their neighbourhoods and sanitize their hands before and after use.

  • Singles activities in tennis or pickleball courts require users to maintain 2 metres of physical distance. 

  • Tennis or pickleball doubles are allowed, provided it is with members of the same household or family cohort. 

  • Equipment should only be shared by members of the same household or their family cohort.

  • Games on basketball and volleyball courts will only be permitted if they are with members of the same household or family cohort. These spaces are also open for casual use, for example, shooting a ball.  

  • Picnic site bookings have been cancelled through June 14, 2020 but are available for casual use by groups of 50 people or fewer. A determination of picnic site booking requests beyond June 14 are under review.

  • Provincial Playground Guidance

See the City poster below for a complete list of guidelines based on the area that you want to visit. It explains what users can do, the rules that must be followed and how they can safely do activities while at these locations. 

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